Humane Trapping

Nuisance wildlife in Oregon are commonly known for structural damage, causing harm to pets, and the damage of landscaping. We provide the humane trapping and removal of these nuisance wildlife, as well as preventative solutions.


Our company is licensed through Oregon‘s contractors board in order to better serve you. Not only will we remove the wildlife from your home, we can also do the work to repair and prevent further entry. We guarantee this exclusion work for 1 year.

Dead Animal Removal

Although we typically remove live animals from homes, we are also able to remove dead wildlife from crawl spaces, attics and properties.

Bird Removal

Although birds are not commonly known for their destructive habits, they can cause damage to structures and homes by gaining access to attics, chimneys, and exhaust vents. We provide the humane removal of birds, nesting debris and offer preventative measures for the future.


Bats are commonly known to enter the smallest of spaces, any opening leaves easy access to your home’s attic, soffits, and eaves. Bats are federally protected and cannot be handled during the months of June-September. During the remainder of the year bats can be humanely evicted and preventative measures can be taken.

Rodent Services

Due to the large amounts of rain in the Northwest, homes are at risk for rodent infestation. Common areas of entry are crawl spaces, attics, eaves, etc. We offer the trapping and removal of these pests without the use of poison.